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How to Stay on Top of Releases and Deprecation of Enterprise and Open Source Software

If you have one or more proprietary software programs installed on your business’ computers, you will most likely be interrupted from time to time by software update reminders. They can be aggravating, especially if they appear when you are preoccupied with something important. It’s tempting to forego software updates and just keep working, but is this the best option? In reality, software upgrades are an essential component of system security. You risk putting your system exposed to cyberattacks if you fail to maintain your company computers — all of them – up to date. I have seen plenty of cyber attacks, trust me. In this article, I will outline how to stay on top of releases and deprecation in order to make sure your environment is secure.


Emails are  a great way to keep updated with new software releases as almost every company use them to notify customers about the release of the updated version of their software. You should keep checking your emails regularly in order to be updated with the releases. Also, if you are using Gmail then you should check the Promotions and spam folder because more often than not these emails land up in the aforementioned folders. If these emails get into these folders then you can mark them as important and remove from the spam folder so that they always land in your primary inbox.

Slack/Discord Groups

Slack – Slack interactions take place in a centralized location and may be segmented by creating Channels for certain subjects of interest. To ensure that subjects are available to all team members, you may assign your users to as many (or as few) channels as you need to keep them visible to them.

This ensures that we are all aware of the information that is being made available to the public and provides us with a simple way to promote and share these articles throughout our own social networks.

Slack makes it really easy to locate a link, even if it was submitted three weeks ago and you suddenly realize you need to look at it right now. Not only is the search extremely fast and user-friendly, but it can also be customized by applying filters.

Since Slack helps in maintaining a great community, you can also use it to stay on top of software updates.

GitHub Repositories/Release Notifications

In situations when several individuals work on a project, it can be difficult to maintain track of changes, including who changed what, when they changed it, and where those files are kept. GitHub takes care of this issue for you by keeping track of all of the modifications that have been made to the repository since its creation. You may maintain a version history of your code in the same way that you would with Microsoft Word or Google Drive, so that prior versions are not lost with each iteration.

How important is creating a process to make sure you are running the latest version?

Because updates keep you protected against exploitable flaws in your organization, old and outdated software is exposed to hackers and cyber criminals. Having dependable protection in place is especially crucial because the publishing of software update notes frequently exposes the patched-up vulnerable entry points to the general public. The public disclosure of these flaws makes your organization an obvious target for unscrupulous people searching for a means to obtain access to your company’s sensitive data.

Software updates provide more than just security upgrades; they frequently provide new and improved functionality as well as performance improvements to improve the end-user experience. Developers are always looking for ways to enhance the program so that users may be more efficient. Sales and marketing professionals, for example, rely on software to work remotely and connect with clients and potential consumers in a variety of ways.

When new software and updates are released, current systems and software may not always be compatible, therefore it is critical to speak with an IT specialist to ensure this process proceeds smoothly. For example, a Windows 10 upgrade eliminated some functionality, rendering it incompatible with the Windows 2003 server that some organizations still use.

How important is staying on top of releases and deprecation for people at home?

You know those annoying reminders that appear on your computer screen? They are constantly telling you that your applications and drivers are no longer up to date. They always manage to rear their ugly heads exactly when you’re in the midst of something essential. So, you should adhere to them and maintain your computer up to date. And if you’re running really slowly, such as still using Windows XP, it might be time to update to a newer operating system.

Contrary to popular belief, updates are not intended to disrupt our lives. In reality, they are intended to make our systems safer by preventing hackers from exploiting weak points. They can repair the security flaws that permits hackers to install harmful malware on our systems or destroy critical data. Things you’ve been working on so hard that you don’t think you have time to update your software are jeopardized if you disregard the notification.

If your operating system is so out of date that you have to regularly patch it, you should think about upgrading. Every few years, Microsoft and Apple release a new operating system, and staying current can benefit you. By updating your machine’s operating system, you make it compatible with the most recent and innovative programs. Don’t get us wrong: we’re not advocating being an early adopter by updating to a new operating system as soon as it’s available, but keeping your OS up to date also ensures you’ll be able to open files sent to you by others without issue.

In this article, I outlined how to stay on top of releases and deprecation in order to make sure your environment is secure. See, it is much simpler than you think to stay on top of releases and deprecation and keep everything in tip top shape!

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