Matt has created several works that are currently published.  On this page, we list a few of the ones you can purchase on Amazon! 


Geeking Out: Using the Skills you have and a Computer to Make Money

People always say “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!” In Geeking Out, Matthew J. Fitzgerald outlines how you can do just that, using all of the skills you already have, to make a valuable, profitable, fun, and wide-reaching online career a reality. He takes you through the entire process: determining the skills you have, honing those skills, figuring out how to make money from those skills, building your venture, launching, and managing growth. It is a fun and interesting read and truly the go-to source for anyone looking to start a career online.This book is easily broken down into chapters that guide you through the entire process of starting your own internet-based business.

Chapter 1: Determining the skills you have

Chapter 2: Ideating and honing your skills

Chapter 3: Building your moneymaking machine

Chapter 4: Validating your idea

Chapter 5: Researching your market

Chapter 6: Talking to customers

Chapter 7: Getting the wheels rolling

Chapter 8: Making your idea a reality

Chapter 9: To the moon – the business launch

Chapter 10: Keeping yourself alive – continued involvement

Chapter 11: Marketing yourself and your idea

Chapter 12: Growth – the devil is in the detail

Chapter 13: Diversifying your portfolio

Chapter 14: Balancing everything

Chapter 15: Furthermore

Your Idea Workbook: The Ideal Notebook for inventors and Entrepreneurs to instantly validate ideas.

‘Your Idea Notebook’ is exactly what the title says, YOUR Ideas! Using the Fitzgerald Evaluation Scale, you are able to instantly determine whether an idea is marketable and able to be worked on further. In this templated workbook, You are able to go through the entire process of researching, detailing, and validating 10 ideas! You can detail everything from app layouts to physical designs, to software mockups. In this guide, you reach every facet of determining the marketability of an idea such as determining the target market, enumerating the use cases, detailing a budget, creating a marketing plan, and determining how to launch. This is the indispensable guide for any inventor or entrepreneur to gather their thoughts in one place and quickly and efficiently determine whether an idea is worth pursuing further.

My Password Helper

In the world of cyber security, it is essential to make sure that we store our passwords in a secure place. Why use a password manager that someone would be able to hack into when you can have a physical password booklet that you can keep in a safe place out of the reach of cyber criminals instead? In this password manager, you are able to add all the details about your accounts such as the security questions and answers, as well as some of the other things that other password managers don’t take into account like two-factor authentication and account notes. This guide is the one-stop-guide to making sure that all of your passwords are documented properly. In this guide, You learn about generating strong passwords and how to avoid common cybersecurity pitfalls.

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