Matt sets himself apart from other people because he knows Mandarin Chinese and was able to take a trip to China to use the knowledge that he learned. Matt started studying Chinese in the 9th grade and has continued it since.


Here are all of the topics Matt has covered in Chinese:

  • Greetings
  • Names


  • Nationality & Languages


  • School Life


  • Making Introductions
  • Family & Communities


  •  Addresses


  •  Meeting & Making Plans


  • Phone Calls


  • Time & Schedules


  • Ordering Food
  • Making requests


  • Shopping


  • Ages & Invitations


  • Location & Position


  •  Hobbies & Sports


  • Weather & Seasons


  • Travel & Transportation


  • Seeing a doctor


  • Moving in


  • Future plans


  • Giving examples
  • Moving to a New Place
  • Experiencing Culture And the Arts
  •  Asking for Directions
  • Hospitality
  • My Trip to China
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Traveling and Visas
  • Chinese Cinema
  •  Fitness and Health
  • A Vacation in China


Inspiration for taking Chinese came about after long consideration about his future and career goals. He decided that taking Chinese was the best language to take doe to its increasing permeation of the business world and the development of the global economy.


Matt Knows English as his primary language. He has taken AP English courses as well as professional communication and technical writing classes in College.