The D5600: A little Better than the 5500

The Nikon D5600 is a successor to its previous model, the D5500. It is a good all around DSLR camera that has a good feature set. In a world where there are many cameras on the market, this camera stands out with its superior image quality and relatively cheap price in comparison for the specs it offers. I HIGHLY recommend this camera because of the great images that it produces and the awesome features it has.


Tech for the camera:

This camera includes all sorts of the newest technology like built in wifi which allows you to take care of taking pictures on your phone. This is a really cool feature of this camera that lets you take, view, edit, and delete pictures all off the phone. It also includes the possibility for the addition of a GPS and the ability to geotag your pictures instantly. Another good feature that this camera has is a touchscreen and a flip out screen.


Some of the highlights of this camera include:

  • 24.7 MP quality
  • 4000 x 6000 image size
  • Native ISO 12800
  • 4800DX Sensor
  • Touchscreen Monitor
  • Live View
  • Wifi Connectivity


Battery life:

One of the big differences between this camera and the D5300 is the increased battery life from the D5300. Due to a faster processor and more efficient chips, this camera allows 850 shots over the 650 that the D5300 can take. That is over 200 more pictures to be taken on this camera!


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