The 3 Types of Video Streaming

If you’ve visited websites with video streaming, you will notice that your video loads. You do not know; however, that there are three methods that the website could use to get the video to you. These three methods rely on separate technologies to accomplish a similar goal, but each method has a slightly different effect on your prospect.

1) Progressive Download

In a progressively downloaded video, the website downloads the video file, but can begin to play the video before it is fully downloaded. This method cannot be considered a true stream, because a true stream does not require a download to your hard drive. With this method, end user is generally satisfied with the viewing speed.

2) Media File Download

This method is the least expensive method, but requires the end user to completely download a video file to their hard drive. Once the media file is downloaded, they can view it and may have less difficulty in viewing the material repeatedly. However, many consumers lack the patience needed to wait for a download, especially if the video presentation is lengthy. Also, internet speeds has a major affect on this method of streaming media. A user may have to wait hours before a media file could be accessed. With the other two types of streaming, the wait is minimal before you are able to access your media.

3) Full Streaming

In this scenario, the end user may be able to watch your video almost as soon as they navigate to a web page. Depending on the speed of the computer in use, the consumer may see very few interruptions in presentation. This is the most expensive form of video streaming simply because there is no waiting. Consumers are generally most satisfied with this option. This is the main option used today with many streaming services such as YouTube. With the way video files are optimized for online viewing these days, this turns into an easier option when it comes to bandwidth usage and viewing experience.

As consumers become pulled in numerous directions simply because of the hectic pace of life, the thought of having to wait for a download may move them away from watching a video – no matter how good the end result might be.

Many “netrepreneurs,” or entrepreneurs of the internet, may gravitate towards providing a Progressive Download because the cost is reduced while the viewing speed is enhanced.

There are sites where you can upload a video and it’s downloadable to visitors. There are often provisions that likely include directing your visitor off-site, placing ads on the site page where the video download can be viewed, and last but not least a provision to have the video removed if there is no activity within a certain number of days. In all, there are multiple types of streaming that can work well in different cases.

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