Matt Has a ton of experience working with different systems, topics, and technologies.


Fitzgerald Tech Solutions

Founder and CEO

August 2016 – Present

Managing officer of Fitzgerald Tech Solutions, a web hosting, web design, and content creation service.
Created a system for automatically provisioning servers, managing clients, providing support, and taking orders.
Conceptualizes, engineers, designs, and manages websites for various needs with different audiences.
Uses Visual Studio to customize WordPress and develop custom applications.

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YJT Solutions

Part Time Engineering Resident I

May 2018- Present

Architected, developed, configured and implemented company’s high availability web infrastructure and website


Purdue CAM^2 Project

Web User Interface Designer

August 2017 – Present

Researching machine learning and object detection in neural networks with Purdue Electrical and Computer Engineering Professors. Currently in the process of developing a web based UI for training a neural network to analyze objects and occurrences in over 150,000 network cameras all over the world.

Please see CAM ^ 2 Project for more info!!


Purdue Engineering Projects in Community Service

Lead Software Design Engineer

August 2017 – Present

Currently engineering a Linux based solution with web admin interface to track the walking habits of kids who walk to school.
Works with RFID scanners, Raspberry Pi, and Visual Studio to develop drivers, logging systems, and a kiosk style interface.

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